Echnaton Philip Glass

Video design for Philip Glass’s opera ECHNATON (Akhnaten), directed by Nanine Linning.

“Her concepts and productions are of the most innovative and interesting signatures one can experience in the field of dance and theater in Central Europe.” – Fuldaur Zeitung about ECHNATON 2014

“As a stage director and choreographer of the opera ECHNATON by Philip Glass, Nanine Linning created with orchestra, choir, dancers, actors, singers, video projections, costumes and set design, a fabulous multidisciplinary work of art.”

‘Exzellente Videoarbeit’ – Mannheimer Morgen about Echnaton 2014

“This moving and vivid stage direction is so far Linnings’ highlight in her creative period in Heidelberg.” – Opernwelt about ECHNATON 2014

“ECHNATON, a total experience of dance, opera and dazzling images is of an opulence, magic and magnificence from which you can not escape.” – Mannheimer Morgen about ECHNATON 2014

“The audience bursts into a frantic applause. It rains Bravo’s. Flowers are flying around, filling the stage. Minutes long. And when Linning enters the stage this delighted audience becomes even more enthousiastic. It’s clear: ECHNATON is theatre at its best.”

Mannheimer Morgen about ECHNATON 2014